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fifty years of experience

I am a highly effective leader who inspires people to think, care, and excel.

With fifty years of experience in military and civilian corporate and airline domestic and international flight operations as a Captain, Instructor/Evaluator, Check Airman/Examiner, manager and executive, I have a strong, diverse background in flight operations management, safety management systems, team leadership, project management, military and civilian instructional design and training program development, technical writing, research and development, psychology, crisis management, and higher education.

I have successfully managed high value, complex cross-divisional and multinational projects that have improved airlines' and other operators' safety, efficiency, and operational control capabilities.

My ability to interact comfortably with U.S. and international regulators and senior corporate executives has achieved acceptance of proposed programs and satisfied regulatory compliance requirements.

Consult on, assist with, or participate in internal and external safety and regulatory compliance audits.


CONSULTING On Worldwide Aviation operations

Advise on, oversee, or directly manage the execution, monitoring and control, implementation, and continuous improvement.

Identify the processes, resources, technology, materials, documentation, and training to ensure that your operation will be safe, efficient, and in full compliance with applicable regulations, standards and recommended practices.

  • ​​​Flight Operations Audits

  • Flight and Operations Manuals

  • ​Training Program Development

  • Flight Crew Training / Pilot Training

  • Leadership Training / Management Training

  • Extended Range Operations / Extended Diversion Time Operations (ETOPS / EDTO)

  • Flight Standards / Evaluation

  • Crew Resource Management / Threat and Error Management (CRM / TEM)

  • Safety Management Systems (SMS)

  • FAA / ICAO Certification and Compliance

a SEASONED Aviation professional

VICTOR  Lorentz

​aviation consulting


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